Welcome to our Pricing Page! We believe in transparency, so please see below for our full price list/policy and feel free to contact us with any questions at any time. Continue scrolling for some of our favorite video samples and FAQS!



String Quartet

1 Hour:  $950

2 Hours:  $1,350

Each additional hour: +$400

[2 violins + viola + cello]


String Trio

1 Hour:  $800

2 Hours:  $1,100

Each additional hour: +$300

[2 violins + cello]


String Duo

1 Hour:  $650

2 Hours:  $850

Each additional hour: +$200

[violin + cello]



1 Hour:  $500

2 Hours:  $600

Each additional hour: +$100

[violin or cello]


Travel Fees

Please add the following travel fees to venues located within these cities:

Santa Barbara: $250
Newport Beach/Laguna Beach: $150
Temecula: $250

Travel fees may apply to venues outside of the greater Los Angeles area and will be included in your quote. We base travel fees on both mileage and travel time.

PA System


We provide amplification with the use of our sound system + individual "pickups" for each instrument. This set-up produces an amplified but still beautiful acoustic sound. Recommended for some venues or for events with a larger number of guests (200+). Microphones not included.

Amplification can be added at any point leading up to the date of your event. The fee would simply be added to your remaining balance. 

Arrangement Fee


We are happy to arrange any song not already in our repertoire. Fees start at $50 per song and depend upon the complexity and length of the song. Please contact us with your specific song for a quote. 

We ask that arrangement requests be made no later than one month prior to the date of your event. Any arrangement fees would simply be added to your remaining balance.

Overtime Pay

We gladly provide a complimentary 15-minute grace period beyond our contractual end time in instances where (1) all players are available to stay, and (2) a formal event (such as a wedding ceremony) goes past the anticipated end time. Thereafter, overtime will be billed at $50 per musician for every 15-minute increment. That being said, we do calculate overtime charges on a case-by-case basis where delays are caused by unforeseen circumstances. 


We ask that parking be provided at no charge or that any parking fees incurred by players be reimbursed. We will do our best to find free parking within a reasonable distance for events with no parking lot or valet service. 

Please note the following:

  • Dates are only reserved upon receipt of a signed contract and 50% deposit (up to $750). We operate on a "first come, first serve" basis and cannot otherwise guarantee our future availability. However, do let us know if you are interested in booking as soon as you can, and we will tentatively reserve the date for you for a limited period of time.
  • Non-refundable deposit: Deposits are non-refundable if your event is cancelled. Given that we have a core group of players and only work with players of a certain calibre, we generally avoid double bookings so that we can give your event the care and attention it deserves. This is unique in our field. That means that we have likely given up other work on the day of your event. However, 50% of your deposit can be used towards a future event provided that we are still available on that day. 
  • Travel fees are a separate fee and are only collected with the remaining balance. This means that the non-refundable deposit only reflects 50% of the total fee minus any travel fees.
  • Prices may change: The above quoted prices are guaranteed to you for a period of 3 months. 
  • For PayPal credit card payments, we add a 3% processing fee. We accept checks and payments via Venmo at no extra cost. 


Why book Cattus Quartet or any other professional quartet for my wedding when I could hire students at a lower cost?

One word: Experience. We have a core group of players and are thus able to provide a polished, unified group sound borne from having played our repertoire together on countless weddings. We truly pride ourselves on our sound. Hear the difference in our video samples.

However, playing beautifully is only a part of what we do. The biggest difference between us and a less experienced group is that we are able to expertly navigate the little hiccups and unforeseen circumstances that often occur in even the most well planned ceremonies to ensure that the musical portion of your special day goes off without a hitch!

We are also fully insured ($2,000,000 aggregate) and can provide proof of liability insurance required by your venue.

How soon should I book you?

We typically book 6-12 months ahead. However, we are often able to book clients within a shorter time frame. We do recommend contacting us as early as you can to ensure availability.

What do you wear?

Our dress is all black, formal clothing. For more formal affairs, we can dress accordingly (i.e. men in tuxes).

Do you play outdoors?

Yes, of course! However, we do require full shade from the sun in the form of an umbrella(s) or natural shade under trees.

Can you play my wedding in Santa Barbara? San Francisco?

Yes, we serve Los Angeles and all surrounding counties -- Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Orange County, as well as the Inland Empire. Any travel fees will be included in your quote.

We are happy to travel to locations outside Southern California. Please contact us with details for a full quote.

When will you arrive at our venue?

30-45 minutes prior to our start time. This gives us plenty of time for set-up and to coordinate cues with your wedding planner.

How many songs do I need to pick for my ceremony? Can you help me choose songs?

Absolutely. We start with providing a music selection form that simplifies the process of choosing songs for your wedding.

For the ceremony, we recommend 1-2 songs for the officiant, family, and attendants. A separate song will mark the bride's walk down the aisle. Many couples also choose to have us play a song during certain points during the ceremony, such as a candle lighting, sand ceremony, or presentation to parents. The last song to pick is the recessional which we play following the presentation of the couple.

For prelude music and cocktail hour, we recommend picking a genre and/or specific songs. We fill out the time with similar songs as needed.

Can I make a special request for a song not already in your Library?

We are more than happy to do that! We have highly skilled in-house composers who can arrange any song you'd like to hear. Our arrangement fees vary depending upon the complexity of the piece you'd like us to arrange. We will create a custom arrangement of the song, learn and rehearse it, and perform it for you on your special day.

What do you require at the venue?

We require an armless chair for each musician performing as well as shade from direct sunlight if your event is outdoors. If you choose amplification, we would need a power source within 10 feet of where we will be set up.

My wedding is outdoors, do I need to add your portable PA system?

For prelude and ceremony music that is outdoors, the primary indicators are the number of guests at your event as well as the venue's proximity to loud noises such as major streets or running water.

Our portable PA system is often a good idea for cocktail hour music if there are a large number of guests whether the location is indoors or outdoors. With our PA system, we can adjust the volume level so that our music soars above the conversation without being so loud that it makes it hard for guests to chat.

I can't decide if I want to go with string quartet or string trio. What's the difference?

Our string trio is comprised of two violins and a cello, and our quartet is formed by adding our violist. The difference between quartet and trio is much less noticeable than the difference in sound between our string trio and string duo options. We are happy to discuss the details of your event with you and help you pick the perfectly sized ensemble for your event!

Is there anything I'm forgetting?

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We know how stressful it can be planning your wedding day, so it would be our pleasure to do whatever we can to set your mind at ease!

We love playing everything from Canon in D to Guns N' Roses!