Happy New Year!

Cattus Quartet Happy New Year

All of us at Cattus Quartet (including Sal, our little party animal, pictured here) wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2017! We spent some of the last days of 2016 rehearsing for some new videos that will be released very soon in the coming months. Stay tuned! 

Looking ahead to the rest of 2017, we decided to publish some of our goals for Cattus this coming year. We are always striving to improve our business and the services we offer, so we wanted to give you an inside look into the direction we hope to take Cattus Quartet in the new year! 

1. Develop relationships with local animal welfare organizations: Initially, our focus was to support organizations that received the highest ratings on Charity Navigator -- we wanted our money to go to charities that would make use of it in the most efficient possible way. But over the course of talking with clients, audience members, colleagues, and volunteers that we have met through Cattus, we learned about a few organizations that do wonderful and much needed work for animals and pets in need at a local level. But they are simply too small to receive a rating on Charity Navigator. So we will start adding those charities to our list of organizations that we support in the coming months. 

2. Take more dog and cat photos: This one is self-explanatory. We want to catch up to 2017 in 2017. We have an Instagram account now (please follow us @cattusquartet), and we will make a concerted effort to upload more of the pet photos that we already take 5-7 times a day. We will also be posting rehearsal videos so that you can hear that latest Bruno Mars song in string quartet form. You might even see Sal, Kiki, or Duke in the background! [We will think about Snapchat in 2018, since we still do not completely understand Snapchat.]

Merry Christmas from #cattusquartet and #kikthekitty!! 🎄🎁 #guardcat #gewacase #gewa #violin #catstagram

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3. Put ourselves out there: As with dating, we want to put ourselves out there in the hopes that you will see (hear) us! We are on the internet, and you see us in our videos, but we know that to truly to get to know us (and feel comfortable hiring us), you might want to hear us live. We are talking with some cafes/restaurants about performing some live shows, so stay tuned! 

4. Our clients, our friends: Our last goal is the most important to us. We will continue to put you, our clients (and many of you who have turned into friends), first. We love performing for you on your wedding day, at corporate events, museum functions, birthdays, and beyond. We are so grateful for all the referrals we have received from past clients that have enabled us to meet and work with awesome new clients. And we cannot wait to serve you in 2017. 

Happy new year, from Cattus Quartet!