"Modern, Mellow Tunes" for PetSmart Pets

Earlier this month, PetSmart announced plans to revamp the background music in their stores. They hired Mood Media to create "upbeat playlists" for human shoppers, and "modern, mellow tunes" to help keep pets calm as they stay at PetsHotel locations. Does that mean no more Top 40 Katy Perry? (It's what I hear every time I'm at PetSmart).

We're not sure, as neither PetSmart nor Mood Media would actually specify to news outlets which songs would be included on these playlists. For PetsHotel music, we do have this clue from Mood Media, as divulged to CBS News:

We had to select a solution that combined both organic textures and atmospheric styles -- avoiding selections that feature bizarre instrumentation, dominant vocals and errant high-pitched passages (for obvious reasons).

Sounds nice, but vague. So unless you're a pet enjoying a stay at PetsHotel, there's really no way to know which songs or artists fulfill the parameters of "modern, mellow" tunes with "organic textures." But we musicians at Cattus have a strong suspicion: 

It's Coldplay.

Here's further proof:


(Disclaimer: We like Coldplay!)